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Catalogs for July 10th Production Sale


Congradulations Molly Enos Rockwood Penn
Grand Champion Lamb
2004 Pennsylvania Farm Show

Champion Shropshire 2003 NAILE

Congratulations 2003 Louisville NAILE
Grand Champion Kaylee Turner, OK
Reserve Grand Champion Kashen Urban, OK
Reserve Champion Suffolk Emily Winfry, TX
Champion AOB  Jessica Peacock, AL
Reserve Champion AOB Drew Mayhugh, MS
Champion Hampshire  Kent Williams,  KS
Reserve Champion Jake White, Ashland OH
Champion Natural Kashen Urban, OK
Reserve Champion Natural Randi Anglin IN
Champion Shropshire Morgan Cabaniss,OK
Reserve Champion Nathan Melvin, OH
Reserve Black Face X  Kashen Urban OK
Champion Dorset  Holly Hurliman OK
Reserve Champion Dorset Kara Sloan, OH
Champion Southdown Holly Hurliman, OK
Reserve Champion Southdown Holly Hurliman, OK

1450 Sheep tested for Scrapie Resistance Click for Report

Crossbreed, Dorset and Shropshire

Tulsa 2002 Champions

 Crossbreed, Dorset and Shropshire


Check out the  LINKS  at top of page

All rams and ewes will be tested for Scrapie Resistant and Spider Genes We will be able to provide RR-NN

2003 Southwest Oklahoma District Chickasha

2002 Wether Show Oklahoma State Fair

Cabaniss Hampshire Ewes at 2002 Fairs

2002 Shropshire Ewes at Oklahoma Fairs

2002 Madison's Dorset ewes at Oklahoma Fairs

Riley cell phone 580-445-6240
Norman cell phone 580-445-7553

2002 Hampshires at Sedelia

2002 Shropshires at Sedelia

Young lambs in the barn

Get on the list for guard puppies We have female puppies that will be ready March 1 2004 Also check out the guard dog page above

Reference rams used in our flock

The Turkey Nest - a watercolor by Betty Cabaniss

My tailing stand is on the bottom of this page

Links that explain RR NN blood testing

Government USDA Scrapie information link

Link to GeneCheck information on testing

Cabaniss Club Lambs
Joe Riley and Norman  580-323-2802
Riley cell phone 580-445-6240
Norman cell phone 580-445-7553

Rt 1 Box 19
Arapaho Ok 73620

Animated Mailbox Opening and Closing

We love to receive your e-mails
We will answer questions you have about the Amazing Anatolian Dogs or pedigrees on sheep.
We can give a better answer is you give us a few details - - where are you from - - How many sheep you have - - Facilities you have for sheep


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