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Schedule for 2003 Sedelia, Missouri

Midwest Stud Ram Sale


Leland Wheaton for frame Suffolks
Brad Angus for frame Hampshires

Todd Wise for Wether Sheep

Monday June 23 the following shows...
Nat Colored, Corriedale, Ploypay,

Montadale, Katahdin, Dorper, Shrops


Tuesday June 24 the following shows...
Hamps, Southdowns, Dorsets,

Rambouillet, Suffolk, Columbia


Wednesday, June 25th the following shows...
Supreme Champion and the Boer Goat Show


Wednesday, June 25th the following sales...
Katahdin, Polypay, Shrops, Montadale,

Corriedale, Nat Colored, Columbia


Thursday, June 26th the following show...
Wether Sheep (Judge: Todd Wise)


Thursday, June 26th the following sales...
Rambouillet, Southdown, Dorper, Boer Goat


Friday, June 27th the following sales...
Dorset, Hamps, Suffolk


Saturday, June 28th the following sale...
Wether Sheep




Sheep Breeder Sale Management Service

Bud and Larry Mead


fax 573-874-8843

National sales for

Suffolk Hampshires Targhee Dorpers Dorset


 No other sale even comes close to offering top purebred breeders a stronger market or enviornment in which to merchandise your top rams and ewes. Each year upwards of 1,500 buyers register at this sale from over 40 states and two or three foreign countries! Breeders consign their very best rams and ewes.