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 Producing winning wethers since 1960

Production Sale July 14, 2001  

2001 Cabaniss Yearling Ewe

  2001 Cabaniss Production Sale

An auction of registered ewes with papers transferred


Registered Hampshire Ewes


55 Hampshire ewe lambs averaged $300

54 Hampshire yearling ewes averaged $691

61 Hampshire 6 year old ewes averaged $729

2 yearling rams $500 


Bob Marcantel and William Broach , Louisiana




The Coolers were popular late in the afternoon


54 yearling Hampshire Ewes  in 2001


Lots of interest in the yearling Ewes


Morgan Cabaniss Shropshires

4 Shropshire Ewe Lambs avg $215

7 Shropshire Yearling Ewes avg $455

7 Shropshire 6 yr old avg $235 


Joe Cabaniss, Dan Knight and crew

 Dan Knight, Kenneth Babek, Rex Flaming and Joe Cabaniss


 Oklahoma Breeders and neighbors



 Bob Marcantel, Louisiana Hampshire Breeder, left who purchased our Supreme Champion Ram Sedelia 1991





Bill Bigbow and Joe Cabaniss


 Bill Bigbow and Joe Cabaniss

Bill Bigbow and his Son bought their first Cabaniss ewes over 30 years ago



Ringside at Production Sale 2001


sunrise on Joe and Betty's 52 wedding Aniversary


 July 17, 2001 sunrise at Cabaniss Club Lambs


A Yearling ewe in the ring



Watercolor by Betty Cabaniss

 Watercolor sketch by Betty Cabaniss


 Thank you for a successful sale

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