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Cabaniss June 14th Production Sale

Custer County Fairgrounds Clinton OK 10 am wethers

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Catalog 08 JUNE 14 RAMS-Yearling.pdf

Catalog 08 Hampshire 6 year old ewes.

Catalog 08 Hampshire yearling ewes

Catalog 08 Hampshire fall born rams

Catalog 08 Shropshire 6 year old ewes

Catalog 08 Shropshire yearling ewes

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 We have updated Yearling Ewe Catalogs. June 4th

Cabaniss 112-07









Cabaniss 112-07 Pedigree

Cabaniss 196-07
Cabaniss 196-07 rear view

Cabaniss 196-07 pedigree

Cabaniss 259-07W
Yearling ewes in the Production Sale Cabaniss 259-07W pedigree

Cabaniss 307-07
Cabaniss 307-07 Ram

Cabaniss 307-07 pedigree

Cabaniss 339-07

Cabaniss 339-07 pedigree

Cabaniss 269-07  Hampshire Ram

Cabaniss 369-07 Hampshire Ram

jCabaniss 369-07 Pedigree

Cabaniss 371-07

Cabaniss 371-08 Pedigree

Cabaniss 377-07  

Cabaniss 377-07 rearview

Cabaniss 377-07 Pedigree

Cabaniss 379-07

Cabaniss 379-07 pedigree

Yearling ewes on Wheat in January

110 head of-yearling ewes-in January



Yearling ewes in January

Well grown out yearling ewes

Genetice that will work for you

June 2008 all sheared and ready

June 2008 Round Bales of Alfalfa

June 2008 ewes in the Sale

Wide rumps and narrow shoulders

 Fall Born Ram Lambs

Cabaniss 435-08

Cabaniss 435-08

Cabaiss 435-08 Pedigree

Cabaniss 440-08

Cabaniss 440-08

Cabaniss 440-08 Pedigree

Cabaniss 449-08

Cabaniss 449-08

Cabaniss 449-08 Pedigree

Catalog 08 JUNE 14 RAMS-Yearling.pdf

Cabaniss ewes in the Sunset