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 Morgan Cabaniss Shropshires

Morgan Cabaniss Shropshires



Right: R67-04 Champion Shropshire ram

sold to Overman Colorado

Left: R65-04 2nd Yearling Shropshire Ram

Sold to McConn Pennsylvania

 Reserve Champion Shropshire Ram

Sold to Neeland Oklahoma

Early Spring Shropshire Ram Lambs

Left Reserve Champion 605-05

sold to Neeland Oklahoma

Right Franz Farms

603-05 Reserve Champion Shropshire Ram

Late Spring Shropshire Ram Lambs

Left Abe Warren Harrah 2nd

Right Cabaniss 640-05 1st

Sold to Neeland Oklahoma

Champion Shropshire Ewe Lineup

Left 1st Fall Ewe Cabaniss 05-601K

Sold to Layne California

Right Champion Cabaniss 04-647G

Sold to Hensler Nebraska

2nd Yearling Reserve Champion Shropshire Ewe

Abe Warren Harrah Oklahoma


Early Spring Shropshire Ewe Lambs

A special Thank You to

Sterling and Shyanne Vuretta Texas

"Very Professional Showmen"

Late Spring Shropshire Ewe Lambs sold to Louisiana Oklahoma and Tennessee

Judge Larry Mrozinski

Ringman Robert Crozier Stillwell Oklahoma

a Special Thank You to all the Sale Management help

who make such a large sale possible.

. . Morgan Cabaniss Shropshire Ewes Tied up At Sedalia 2005 . .

. . Morgan Cabaniss Shropshire Powerful Tie up At Sedalia 2005 . .

Morgan Cabaniss Shropshire

. . Morgan Cabaniss Shropshire under the tents .

2005 Champion Shropshire Ewe Lineup

Left Late Spring 1st Morgan Cabaniss 2nd Ellerbrock

Early Spring 1st Stardust and 2nd Morgan Cabaniss

Fall Ewe Lamb Morgan Cabaniss

Champion Yearling Morgan Cabaniss Reserve Yearling Abe Warren

Parade of the Shropshire ewe Lambs at 2005 Sedelia

Morgan Cabaniss with 05-621K Late Spring Ewe Lamb

Morgan is attending Oklahoma State University Stillwater OK

A special thank you to

Shyanne and Sterling Vuritta from Texas

JJ and Kelly Maddox

Brant Brewer and Cole Cabaniss

Adam Richardson

and all the outside the ring help

that make showing 60 head of sheep possible

Thank you Danny Westlake

Contact Morgan Cabaniss Shropshires

Riley Cabaniss cell 580-445-6240

Midwest Wether Sire Sale Averages

 The Registered Hampshires Wether Sire averaged $1340 on 242 head

The Registered Shropshire Wether Sire averaged $530 on 21 head

The Registered Dorset Wether Sire averaged $600 on 78 head

The Registered Suffolks Wether Sire averaged $950 on 158 head

The natural colored averaged $650 on 132 head

The crossbred averaged $900 on 152 head

The Total Wether sire sale averaged $965 on 783 head

A very special watercolor by Betty Cabaniss

"Mother and daughter "

Designed by Betty Cabaniss

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