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 July Production Sale 2003

Supre Champion Wether Sire 2001

Supreme Champion Ram 2001 Classic Wether Sire Sale

Sedelia Missouri

sold to Dan Nothdurft,Souix City Iowa for $23,500

His dam sold as Lot #1 for $3500 to Mike Bland, Post Texas

Cabaniss Production Sale 2003

Buyers looking and selecting before sale 

62 registered Buyers


Yearling ewes in foreground

74 yearling RegisteredHampshire ewes averaged $575

high ewes $1200, $1100, $1100, $1050, $1000


Cabaniss 6 year old ewes  

74 1997 born Hampshire ewes averaged $735


Yearling Registered Shropshire ewes

15 Shropshire yearling ewes averaged $675.

high ewes $3400, $1000, $1000

Buyers gathered early for Coffee and Doughnuts

Ewes sold to 12 states

Utah, New Mexico 4 head, Texas 48 head, Indiana 12 head,

Iowa 18 head, Oklahoma 31 head, Louisiana 6

Minnisota 4, Tennessee 6 head, Kansas 4 head

Nebraska 8 head, Ohio 28 head


July 12, 2003 Custer County Fairgrounds

74 1997 Born Registered Hampshire ewes averaged $735

$3500, $2600. $2100, $2000, $1700, $1700, $1600


Registered Hampshire ewe Lot #1

Catalogs gave production records on ewes

and 4 generation pedigree with production on dams, and grandams

Call or e-mail to get on list or pick one up at Sedelia Missouri


Cabaniss Production Sale

Registration papers were transfrerred at Seller's expense


Bleachers are full  at the Production Sale

74 yearling Registered Hampshire ewes averaged $575

The yearling ewes had their DNA RR or QR test ear notched

Stand behind the ewe 2 notches Right ear is RR Resistant to Scrapie

Stand behind ewe a notch in each ear is QR Resistant to Scrapie

High ewes $1200, $1100, $1100, $!050, $1000


Yearling  Shropshire ewes  avg $675

Large Porta Cool fans were really appreciated


6 yr old Hampshire ewes Avg $735 


We have received many reports of how the ewes have produced for new owners

The ewes are guaranteed to be Breeders


 Dan Knight Auctioneer 580-323-3192

15 1997 born Registered Shropshire ewes averaged $787

high ewes $6000, $1200, $1150 $1100

The 1997 ewes had their DNA RR or QR test paint branded on their shoulder

RR and QR are Scrapie Resistant


 Sale Ring Constructed by Weldon Johnson and Joe Cabaniss

The ewes were slick sheared

their DNA test paint branded on their Shoulders

of the 1997 ewes, earnotched in yearlings


 Production Sale 2nd Saturday July

Ringmen Larry Peck and Clint Petzold

auctioneer Dan Knight


J J Maddox, Cole Cabaniss, Russell Bradford

Morgan Cabaniss, Madison Cabaniss,

Mary Scales, Susan Bradford

appreciated the new Large Porta Cool fans

furnished by the Fairboard


The 1997 Registered Hampshire ewes had their

DNA RR or QR paint branded on shoulder



Yearling ewe


Yearling ewe


July 12, 2003 Cabaniss Production Sale




Several of the 1997 ewes were in the

Champion Hampshire Flock

State Fair Of Oklahoma 1998


Catalogs may be picked up at Sedelia every year

or Call or e-mail to get one mailed to you




Cabaniss Club Lambs

Joe & Betty 580-323-2802

Riley and Pam 580-323-9089 -cell 580-445-6240

Carson Cabaniss

Morgan Cabaniss Shropshires

Madison Cabaniss Dorsets

Norman- 580-323-0588 - cell 580-445-7553

Rt 1 Box 19

Arapaho Oklahoma


Champion Shropshire Classic Wether Sire Linup at Sedelia Missouria 2003

1st and 2nd Fall born were from Cole, Elk City by a Cabaniss Ram

All the rest were By Morgan Cabaniss Shropshire's

CENTURY sired Champion and Reserve Champion Shropshire Wether Sires

and Champion and Reserve Champion 2003 Classic Wether Dam, Sedelia Missouri

Champion Cross and Champion Shropshire 2002 Tulsa State Fair.

Champion Shropshire 2002 Oklahoma Youth Expo

Grand Champion South West Dristict Oklahoma 2002

CENTURY'S dam sold for $6000 to Dan Nothdurft, Souix City Iowa


39 buyers bought ewes

the 62 registered buyers was an all time high

Volume Buyers

John Shroyer DeGraff Ohio 14 head

Dan Nothdurft, Souix City Iowa 13 head

Mark Herod, Frost Texas 10 head

David Garrett, Early Texas 9 head

Travis Withers, Bridgeport Texas 10 head

Wayne Snider Goshen Indiana

John Allred, Vernal Utah

Clay Elliott New Mexico

Kaylee Lindsey Tonkawa Oklahoma

Steve Deaton, Antlers Ok

Alvin Tingle, Tennessee

David Wied, Wilson Texas

Brant Brewer, New Carlisle Indiana

Rock Creek, Garfield Kansas

Winters, Bingham Lake Minnesota

Rietema Souix Center Iowa

Wes Davis Gonzales Texas

Cotterman, Thornville Ohio

Morgan Club Lambs Rayne Louisiana

Hynus, Somerset Ohio

Jeff Miller, Lawton Oklahoma

David Gibson, Batavia Ohio

Skipper Wilson, Enid Oklahoma

Sweigard, Rockwell Texas

Jerry Suderman, Hillsboro Kansas

Lake Newcomb Elk City Oklahoma

Barton Club Lambs Chrystoval Texas

Max Banks, Bryan Texas

Harold McIlrath Iowa

Keith Anderson Iowa

Neary Arlington Nebraska,

Carney Williamsburg Ohio

Mike Hees Blanchester Ohio

Dalton Abbott, Verden Ok

Steve Boswell, Union City Oklahoma

Christy Keeton Ninnekah

Mike Bland Post Texas

Dwayne Hurliman Cordell Oklahoma

Cody Anderson Meno Oklahoma

Dianne Augustine, Olustee Oklahoma


This 1997 ewe has done her part in April 2003

now MANagement takes over.

None of the 1997 ewes are held back

You get first pick


Drawing Blood for DNA test on Lamb

Drawing Blood for DNA Sample on Ram Lamb


Joe and Betty , Norman and Riley and Pam

Morgan - Madison - Carson

Thank You and Good Luck with your ewes




Ewes graze on wheat pasture in fall and spring. of year

It is planted in September and ready to graze October till May

Then Native Pasture or sown Sudan is used.


Yearling ewes run on wheat pasture in winter