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In May 2003 the Cabaniss flock

was visited by the USDA Oklahoma

Dr Tom McLarty

as a possible scrapie source flock.

The USDA has DNA tested

1450 head of Cabaniss sheep

for Resistance to Scrapie gene (RR & QR)

based on their epidemiological tests

Ewes that were QQ were 3rd eyelid tested.

November 2003

The official status of the flock

by the USDA is that Cabaniss is a

Non Source for Scrapie

Non-exposed to Scrapie 

Report prepared by

Dr Nancy J Roberts, DVM MPH

Designated Scrapie Epidemiologist


USDA Oklahoma

4030 N Lincoln Blvd. Suite 101

Oklahoma City, Ok 73105

All rams used are RR/NN

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