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2002 Oklahoma StateFair

Wether Show Photos


Shrop Wether 2002 State Fair


Picking Champion Shropshire 2002


Champion Shropshire Lineup


Dorset class Oklahoma State Faiir 2002


Dorset Class 2002


Hampshire 2002 Okla State Fair


Hampshire 2002


Hampshire 2002


Natural Color Clas 2002


A Century Wether 2002


Natural Color Class


Natural Color Class


Cross Breed Class


Cross breed Class


Cross Class 2002

Oklahoma State Fair Judge

Judge Rand Whitney

Ida Grove Iowa

Some Fall 2002 winnings for Cabaniss Club Lambs

Champion Shropshire Oklahoma City

Champion and Res Champion Shropshire Tulsa State Fair

Champion Cross Tulsa State Fair

Champion Dorset Tulsa State Fair

Tulsa State Fair Judge

Clay Weber


Champion Shropshire - Flick Hammon

Reserve Champion Shropshire - Ferguson Thomas,Fay,Custer

Champion Cross

Champion Dorset

background crowd at Tulsa 2002

We will start lambing in January 2003

Come by to see the early lambs

Joe - Riley- Norman