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 National Shropshire Show and Sale

 Come Visit Us In Western Oklahoma

 Champion Shropshire Ram



sired by Panama Jack out of a B23-95 ewe

purchased by Glen High, Lexinhton Ohio 

 Champion Ram Lineup Sedelia

 Parade of Champion Rams

 Yearling Shropshire Rams

Yearling Shropshire Ram Class in the ring

Champion Shropshire Ram


 Champion Shropshire Ram

R20-01 RR/NN

Sold Glen High, Lexington OH

Champion Shropshire Ram


Champion Shropshire Ram 

2002 National Shropshire Sale.

 2nd Early Spring Shropshire Ram


R38-02 RR/NN

 Reserve Junior Champion Shropshire Ram

sold to JBJ Livestock Brighton Missouri

 Champion Shropshire Ram

 Yearling Champion Shropshire Ram

 Midwest Classic Wether Sire Show and Sale

 Champion Ram Selection


 Champion Wether Sire Shropshire Ram Selection

1st yearling Morgan Cabaniss sold Schermerhorn ,New Youk Mills MN

2nd Yearling Morgan Cabaniss sold to Langemeier, Mead NE

1st Early Spring Ram Morgan Cabaniss sold to Britton. Binger OK

1st Early Spring Ram was High Selling Shropshire Ram

2nd Early Spring Ram Morgan Cabaniss sold to Evans Shropshires, Ada OH

1st Late Spring Ram Morgan Cabaniss sold to Campbell Kids Brandon MS

2nd Late Spring Ram Rife Shropshires Sold to Gill, Clinton MS



 Champion Wether Sire Shropshire Ram

R70-01 QRNN

sold to Schermerhorn, New York Mills MN



 Rewerve Champion Shropshire Wether Sire Ram

R05-01 RRNN

sold to Langemeier/Horner Nebraska

 1st Early Spring Shropshire Ram Lamb


 1st Early Spring Shropshire Ram

High Selling Shropshire Wether Sire

R57-02 RRNN

sold to Britton, Binger OK


 Champion Wether Sire Shropshire Ram Lineup



 Supreme Wether Dam Lineup

Champion Crossbreed ewe Medhus

Champion Suffolk ewe Altemeier

Champion Hampshire ewe Cabaniss

Champion Dorset ewe Jones

Champion Shropshire Morgan Cabaniss

Champion Southdown Hum Away Farms

 Champion shropshire ewe selection


 Champion Wether Dam Shropshire Ewe Selection

Reserve Champion - 1st Yearling Shropshire ewe Stardust Farms

1st Early Spring Ewe Lamb Cole Farms

Champion Shropshire - 1st Late Spring Ewe Lamb Morgan Cabaniss

2nd Early Spring Ewe Morgan Cabaniss

2nd Late Spring - Avery Shropshires



Champion Shropshire Wether Dam

02-LO364 RR CENTURY daughter

sold Hodges, Sterling City TX

 Carson and Norman putting finishing touches

Carson and Uncle Norman finishing a Shropshire ewe lamb



R58-02 RR/NN

 1st Place Late Spring Shropshire Ram Lamb

sold to the Campbell Kids, Brandon Kids Mississippi




 Morgan Cabaniss and Stephanie Richardson

getting Shropshires ready for the Wether Sire Show

 Shropshire and Hampshires at Sedelia


 Shropshire and Hampshire ewes tied up

02-LO306 QRsold to LeJeune, Gonzales LA

02-LO313 RR sold to Ebert St George KS

02-LO322 RR sold to Bingam , West Bend

02-LO351 RR sold to Daughtery Upland IN

02-LO357 RR sold to Hodges, Sterling City TX

02-LO364 RR sold to Hodges, Sterling City TX

 A CENTURY son getting washed

A grey - CENTURY -  son on the wash rack

 February Class Crossbeed Wether Sire


 R32-02 RR/NN a February Century son

in wether sire cross class

 R32-02 CENTURY son


 R32-02 RR/NN a February Century son

sold to Ellerbrock, Atkinson Illinois

 Washing R32-02


Washing R32-02 a February Century son

a job taken very seriously by

Morgan and Stephanie

 It is a very serious job


 R72-02 RR/NN a March Century son

sold to Ott's Fairview OK

 Shropshire and Hampshire Rams

Cabaniss Shropshire and Hampshire Rams lined up before the Shows 


Drop by to visit when in western Oklahoma

The map page has directions


Joe and Betty Cabaniss

Riley and Pam Cabaniss

Morgan, Madison and Carson

Norman Cabaniss 



The Background is Shropshire and Hampshire ewes returning

to the Lots in the evening

The one at the Shows get the glory

The ones at home are equally important 

They produce your next years winners



We have the origional pictures

if you see one you would like

and need a better quality

e-mail Betty at 


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